Salad In A Jar

“Discover How To Boost Your Energy, Trim Your Waistline and Improve Digestion By Preparing Delicious Meals That Save You TIME, MONEY & STRESS!”

Do you feel too overwhelmed to make healthy, fresh foods?
You think it’s easier to grab lunch out of the vending machine or drive thru… but you always feel guilty afterwards.

I know EXACTLY what it’s like to be too TIRED and too BUSY to make healthy meals that are ready to eat. Buying something that is convenient is SO MUCH easier but it always leaves me with less money in the bank and feeling SICK to my stomach… not to mention other symptoms that arise like fatigue, acne and headaches!!

The Salad in a Jar Program was created to help you navigate being healthy on the go.

No more guilty lunch breaks, my dear. 

This program is all about:

  • Learning how to eat healthy when you’re strapped for time

  • Implementing new habits into your life to keep the trend going

  • Having everyone around you envious of your plate, wondering where you bought that delicious looking meal!

This program is NOT about:

  • Creating any extra stress in your life

  • Restrictions or deprivation

  • Anything else other than delicious meals to improve your health

Inside the program:

  • shopping list template

  • 15 salad recipes

  • 4 dressing recipes

  • options to create your own custom salad

Check out these testimonials below from the Salad In A Jar Workshop!

“Definitely helped me get prepared and be able to grab a quick bite and to take on the go with me.  I got to experience new foods I didn’t think I would like together.  Makes you feel much better to eat a salad then quickly grab a slice of pizza or anything fast food. Also helps with the portions to fit in a jar.  Doesn’t seem like a lot of food but they were very filling
Helped me loose a bit of weight and feel good about it, helped my digestion be “normal” from suffering from diverticulitis, also helped me put more fiber into my diet.

Thanks Jess for the opportunity and helping me once again”
– Alyssa

“I loved the idea of this program. There’s alot of nights when I don’t feel like putting anything together, so to have all the salads already made and being able to fit them in my purse for work was great! I’m horrible at coming up with new ideas for salad so this helped me get creative. The mason jars helped me eat alot more then what I usually do, found I was less hungry an hour later
– Cassie

Grab your program below so you can starting SEEING and FEELING those healthy improvements today!

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*You will receive your program in 24-48 hours after purchase. Thanks!

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