The Program To Get You Started

The Program To Get You Started

It’s here! If you’ve been following me on social media or are subscribed to my newsletter, you’d know I’ve been hinting about this program!

This level 1 program is going to take you from feeling stuck, confused, frustrated, and falling off track to feeling confident, balanced, powerful and ready to move forward!

Starting your health and weight loss journey with mindset work, breaking through self-sabotage and creating healthy new habits is KEY to long-term success.

It’s called Take It Easy and it’s designed to be a 4-week step by step program that is simple and easy to follow.

What stops people from getting started in the first place?

Is it the conflicting health information online? Is it their own self-sabotaging behaviours? Is the program they are trying to follow too restrictive and difficult?

I’ve spent years in this industry trying to understand what is going on. I’ve learned that the majority of the time it’s our subconscious beliefs that hold us back. We CAN work through it with a few powerful tools that I have discovered along my own journey and working with clients.

This is the program to get you started.

Here’s what my clients are saying…

“I think almost everyone should start their weight loss journey by going through mindset work first, bringing awareness to their nutrition and slowly creating healthy habits!” – A.F., female client

“It’s amazing just how much better you can feel and how much more energy you can have by making small changes. I didn’t realize how much food played a role in how I was feeling on a daily basis.” C.B., female client

“I have had a difficult time staying on track with my eating and have spent so much money on supplements thinking it was the next best thing to make me lose weight. All I really needed to do was learn the basics to get myself started and I’m blown away by how much better and confident I feel already.” – C.H., female client

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With peace & love,

Jessica Ann
Hom., CHN

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