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Flexible Dieting Means Burritos!

I ate a burrito last night with ZERO guilty feelings and ZERO worry that it was going to go “straight to my hips” or that “l blew my diet”. I wasn’t always able to do this in the past because I used to suffer from ‪#‎orthorexia‬ which then led into a ‪#‎binge‬-eating disorder and a weight gain of 40+ lbs (I’ve got the stretch marks to prove it). How did I do it and how do I stay slim if I eat soooo many ‪#‎carbs‬ you might ask? I approach my eating in a very realistic way – I practice flexible dieting and I lift weights. There’s much more to this story and I will be sharing more tips on how I have overcome my debilitating binge-eating disorder. My clients love this approach and are keeping their sanity while losing weight and feeling amazing in the process. There is hope!


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