Five Shocking Truths About Weight Loss, Binge-Eating And Health Issues

Five Shocking Truths About Weight Loss, Binge-Eating And Health Issues

These truth bombs might surprise you but they are the hard and fast truth about weight loss, dieting, binge-eating and health issues. This will be short and sweet but not without a little nip in the butt. Reader beware!

Here are the Five Shocking Truths About Weight Loss, Binge-Eating and Health Issues

1. Weight Loss
The truth is: it’s calories in versus calories out. It doesn’t matter what food you eat or at what time of day you eat it or the portion size as long as you’re in a calorie deficit.

2. Fat Loss
The truth is: it’s calories in versus calories out with a focus on adequate protein intake to preserve lean muscle tissue. It doesn’t matter what time you eat or the size of your meal or the foods you choose as long as the macro-nutrients (fat, carbs and protein) are properly balanced.

3. Why People Can’t Lose Weight/Fat
The truth is: they are not in a calorie deficit – so they are not burning as many calories as they think they are and they’re eating more calories than they realize. Here are a few examples to illustrate issues here:

  • extra bites of food here and there or licking the spoon when baking
  • relying on food packaging labels that are oftentimes wrong
  • using “rounded” tablespoon and cup measurements or “eye-balling” it
  • estimating their caloric intake
  • “not eating much” one day but then going out for food the next day and eating enough calories for 2-3 days in one sitting (this is easy to do with restaurant and fast food meals)
  • inconsistency, impatience and giving up TOO quickly (weight/fat loss takes TIME)

4. Binge-Eating* see notes below
The truth is: if the binge eating disorder is not a true physiological issue then there is a much DEEPER emotional and psychological issue that needs to be healed NOW. Also, don’t neglect dealing with the physiological issues too (see notes below).

5. Health Issues
The truth is: if you have a health issue it’s usually a result of a poor diet, undiscovered food sensitivities, lack of exercise and stress. At this point it DOES matter what type of foods you eat and in what quantities. Focus on eating an anti-inflammatory diet full of nutrient-rich whole foods and heal your gut – you’ll be blown away with how much better you feel and how your symptoms magically disappear!

* Physiological binge-eating is a food seeking behaviour that stems from: a potential hormonal imbalance, severe food restriction, severe imbalance of macro and micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) in the diet, severe caloric restriction and caloric restriction over an extended period of time. The body is lacking something and therefore drives one to find and gorge on excessive quantities of food – this is a true physiological response, the body is just trying to stay alive and maintain homeostasis.
* If it’s NOT a physiological response then there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Every person and situation is different but oftentimes binge-eating is a form of self-sabotage, self-harm, self-soothing or self-protection. The underlying issues can vary significantly from person to person, some examples are: a result of trauma, a way to cope with stress, numbing emotions, fear of being alone/seen differently (if one were to lose weight they would be “different” from their group/family/partner), protection from unwanted attention, and so forth. Dig deep with your healthcare practitioner, counselor, hypnotherapist, EFT or NLP practitioner, classical homeopath, and/or psychologist and get to the root of the problem and heal deeply.

I realize this post may not be what some people want to hear but it’s the hard and fast truth. You know, sometimes we need to hear the truth! I encourage everyone to take care of their health and eat with intention.

With peace & love,

Jessica Ann
Hom, CHN

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