Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie

Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie

As most of you know already I am the real Cookie Monster! I love cookies so much and I have no idea why lol. The mission though is to make a healthier version that is low in calories so I can still reach my physique goals. You don’t have to be on a weight loss journey though to enjoy this Deep Dish¬†Chocolate Chip Cookie ūüėÄ It actually turns out to be more like a little cake but it’s still amazing¬†so let’s dig in!

Here are some of the ingredients you will need to get started…

IMG_3429Coconut flour – naturally gluten free and is high in fiber. You can grab a bag of this from your local health food store, natural section of your grocery store or scoop it out in bulk at Bulk Barn.

IMG_3432Chocolate Chips – You can use your favourite chocolate chips for this recipe. Try playing around with carob chips too if you’re feeling adventurous!

IMG_3431Unsweetened Apple Sauce – Try to¬†select the unsweetened version because there won’t be any added sugar and therefore you will save yourself the extra calories. Apples on their own taste amazing so why add extra sugar?

Whey Isolate¬†– Use your best tasting whey isolate protein powder because they all taste different. I prefer Perfect Nutrition’s Diesel French Vanilla flavour.¬†I recommend using at least a vanilla flavour because vanilla is very versatile but have fun playing around with this.

Since this is a single serving deep dish cookie you will want a small ramekin to put the batter in like this…

IMG_3433And use a little bit of cooking spray to coat the inside. I recommend using a coconut oil cooking spray such as this one…

IMG_3430You can find this at your local health food store or in the natural section of your grocery store.

Okay let’s get to the good stuff!


Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie

– 1 tsp (4g) grass fed butter, coconut oil or dairy-free butter substitute
– 1/2 scoop (15g) whey isolate protein powder
– 1 tbsp (7g) coconut flour
– ~1 tbsp (15g) egg whites
– ~1/3 cup (75g) unsweetened applesauce
– 1 tbsp (10-15g) chocolate chips
– 1/2 tsp baking powder
– 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
– sweetener of choice to taste – stevia, xylitol, etc.

*You may have to play around with the approximate(~) measurements. I weigh my ingredients so if you’re using only¬†cup and spoons it might be off but only slightly.

1. Preheat your oven to 350F and spray cooking oil to coat the inside of your ramekin.

2. Melt the butter/coconut oil first and add to a small mixing bowl. Add in the protein powder, coconut flour, baking powder, vanilla extract and mix.

3. Add in the applesauce, egg whites, sweetener and stir well.

4. Pour the mixture into your ramekin and top evenly with chocolate chips or any topping you want really, have fun with it!

5. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Check on it around 10-12 minutes though because you will want it to be slightly soft in the middle but baked on the outside.

6. Enjoy!

Here are the macros for the version I made (I used 10g chocolate chips):
Protein 16.9g, Fat 8.3g Carbs 17.4g = 211.9 calories

For those following the portion control system with me I would count this as either 1 red and 1 tsp or 1 yellow and 1 tsp depending on how you want to fit it in for the day.

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