5 Tips To De-stress Over The Holidays

5 Tips To De-stress Over The Holidays

The holidays are always a great time – friends, family, music, singing, dancing, decorations, lights, delicious food – what could be better than that? This is the time to be enjoying ourselves, relaxing and recharging but with all the hustle and bustle we might wind up more stressed than before! I want to give you 5 quick tips to help you de-stress over the holidays because you deserve to feel your best.


1. Breathe deeply – This is one is great for reducing stress and anxiety. Believe it or not but when you are stressed or anxious you might not be taking in full deep breaths. Whenever you feel overwhelmed I want you to stop for a moment, focus on your breathing, inhale deeply and slowly exhale. This will do two amazing things firstly it will actually help to take your mind off anything that is causing you anxiety or stress and secondly you will be completely expanding and filling your lungs with oxygen. Our cells and tissues need oxygen so don’t be surprised with full deep breathing that you may even get a boost of energy!

2. Listen to music – “One good thing about music, is when it hits you, you feel no pain” – Bob Marley
Ahh music! Ever hear a song that just makes you want to dance or at the very least just smile? It really does have an effect on your body and mind. It can boost your mood, motivate you or calm you down.

3. Write it out – Whatever is causing you stress or anxiety take out a pen and paper and write it down. Write down what is happening right now and how you are feeling. If you can connect it to something write down those details. I always tell my clients “it’s better out than in” – by this I mean any anger, frustration, stress, sadness, etc. that sits in your body without being verbalized or written down will either stew or be suppressed and cause you more problems down the road.

4. Stop – Okay this might sound strange and how can you stop you have so much to do?! If you can just stop for a moment in all the stress even just 15 minutes – take a nap, have a bath, meditate – you will give your body and mind a break. You don’t have to be going and going and going like the energizer bunny all the time because that is how we wear ourselves out. Delegate out some tasks if you can and don’t be afraid to ask for some help. I know it might be uncomfortable asking for help but we are all here to help one another and I’m sure you would be the first to help someone else if they needed it. Now it’s your turn and know that it is completely okay.

4. Exercise – Alright this one is my favourite! We all know the benefits of exercise because we have heard it all before – improved mood, decreased stress, more energy, increased strength, weight loss, osteoporosis prevention and the list goes on! No one is lying to you when they tell you when they tell you the benefits of exercise because it’s all true. If you need me to send you some studies by all means don’t hesitate to contact me! If you have never exercised before simply start by walking or just moving your body for at least 10 minutes initially. I’m always hosting amazing and supportive fitness groups on Facebook for beginner level to advanced. Send me an email to review your goals and together we will find the best program for you!

Enjoy your holiday, eat some treats, laugh, sing, dance and most importantly de-stress – you deserve it. Happy holidays!

In good health,

Jessica Ann PTS, CHN
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jessica.ann.fitness.nutrition/

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